Know our policies on Safety and Quality Management..

For Consorcio Helitec C.A., management of safety and quality are transverse axes that cross all areas of our organization and processes, from the management level, through administrative levels, operating and maintenance. Human resources are trained and dedicated to respond based on strict criteria of quality and safety, creating a true organizational culture. This situation creates tranquility and confidence in both our clients and contractors as staff that works in the company.

Our Commitment to Security:

“Guarantee that all of our operations are strictly adhered to the guidelines of the comprehensive security policy established by Consorcio Helitec C.A., including: Occupational Security (SMS), Safety and Occupational Health (LOPCYMAT) Physical Security (AVSEC) and the Alcohol and Drug Program. These guidelines consist in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and optimal control of risk factors in the organization.

In that sense, we work for the integrity of people, property and the environment.


Our Quality Principles.

Accuracy: Giving our customers an air transport service which is distinguished by the accuracy in each of its phases.

Availability: Fulfilling a 100% availability at the time agreed between the parties.

Alliance: Our main ally is the customer, so we build bridges of communication  to satisfy their requirements


Consultancy: We offer specialized technical assistance in the customer areas of interest.

How do we do all this?

With the firm aim to meet our commitments and principles of Safety Management and Quality, in Consorcio Helitec C.A. we performe a technical training program for the working staff in the organization, and that includes our main activities: air operations, maintenance activities, audits of quality and safety, and logistical support activities to air operations.


In Consorcio Helitec C.A. our human resources, known as human talents, are the mainstay and support of our organization, therefore communication between directors, managers, supervisors and other members is based on a policy of open doors and opportunities for improvement at all levels.


In Consorcio Helitec C.A. we have developed a Safety Management System (SMS), based on the standard OSHA 18.001:2007, which includes the following programs: Operational Safety (SMS), Safety and Occupational Health (SSL), Physic Safety (AVSEC) and Restrictions on the use of Alcohol and Drugs.

The Venezuelan Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) approved in the first half of 2010, the phase 1/3 of the Safety Management System (SMS) submitted by Consorcio Helitec, C.A. At the present time it is expected the phase 2/3 approval of the system corresponding to the Integrated Risk System, however, we have implemented the three (3) phases in the internal processes of the organization.

To have a good execution of the of the Safety Management System we additionally develop a Comprehensive Training Program for our staff, in order to consolidate the values and beliefs on which it is based the Safety Management System.

The Comprehensive Training Program was designed with a humanistic and holistic approach about the individual and his surrounding environment, it covers topics of interest such as: Effective Communication, The Influence of Stress on the Aviation Safety, Quality Service and Customer Service, Induction to the Safety Management System, Fundamentals of the standard OSHA 18.001:2007, Emotions in the interpersonal Relationships, the use of Alcohol and Psychotropic Substances Awareness, among other issues that impact positively in the staff motivation, organizational climate and operational activities related to safety and quality.

This program promotes the person transcendence as a member of the organization, raising awareness of their role as a citizen and their contribution to society and the environment that surrounds them.